Resto Druid Guide 5.0+

Resto Druid Guide

Updated for 5.0.4


A huge thank you to Dendrek for keeping up amazing druid guides for so long. Thanks also to Fumsy for originally updating this for MoP.

I originally rerolled to a holy pally for MoP, but missed my druid too much so am back to resto. If I don’t continue playing her I’ll find someone to keep this updated and stay active. Special thanks also to Hamlet for being one of the most dedicated knowledgeable theorycrafters in the game, and always keeping resto druids top notch. Also Earen on EJ, Tang and crew on inc Bear, and everyone else who have put work into resto druid theorycrafting.

1. Introduction
2. Stats
2.1 Stat Priorities
2.2 Stat Pointers

2.3 Crit Vs. Mastery
3. Enchants
4. Gems
5. Reforging
6. Consumables
6.1. Food
6.2 Potions
6.3 Flasks
7. Talents
8. Glyphs
9. Spells
9.1 Healing Spells
9.2 Utility Spells
9.3 Passive Spells/Abilities
10. Mechanics
10.1 Mastery: Harmony
10.2 Symbiosis
11. Healing Strategies
11.1 Healing Dungeons
11.2 Healing Raids
12. Professions
13. User Interface
13.1 Macros
13.2 Addons
14. Spreadsheets
15.1 Tier Gear
15.2 Trinkets
15.3 Pre-Raid and Raid Gear Lists
16. FAQs/Links
17. Version History

Searching the guide: To make it easier to search this guide, each section is proceeded by a #. If you need to get to a certain section quickly, hit [Crtl]+[f] to open your browser’s “find” option, then type the section number you’re looking for, preceded by the # sign. For example “#2.1″ (without quotes) will take you to Reforging.

#1. Introduction

I know this guide is long and may seem like a lot, but I have literally put every single thing I possibly can about resto druids into it. If you are a casual raider, a lot of it you wont need. Anyone else, this is pretty much everything you need to know. As always I expect everything I post to be proven by numbers and facts. Coming back to my resto druid it will take a few days to make sure everything is 100% correct.

Feedback is Welcome:

Arguing and trolling is not. If someone asks a question or makes a comment do not flame them, this guide is here to help people learn and understand. If you see something you would like me to add please comment. If you know something is wrong or outdated please tell me with something to support it. This will be updated a ton so feedback and mature debate is encouraged.

#2. Stats

I will be taking most of my information from EJ and the new rdruid writer, Earen. Thanks to him for taking their guide over.

Basic Stat Priority:

Intellect = Spirit* > Haste Cap > Mastery > Crit > Excess Spirit > Excess Haste

More info below


Intellect provides 1 spellpower and 0.00039% to crit per point.

Several abilities and bonuses may interact with Intellect to provide an increased value for each point of Intellect that you have. There are three main abilities that will have this effect: Leather Specialization (5%), Heart of the Wild (6%) and Mark of the Wild (5%). As such, assuming use of Leather Specialization and MotW, 1 point of intellect will be worth 1.1025. If you add in Heart of the Wild 1 point of intellect will be worth 1.169 (this will also provide you with 0.00046% crit per point). Note that it takes 2168 points per 1% crit, which is about 3.5 times weaker than 1 crit rating.

Intellect will be your best stat for throughput.


Intellect, without the talent bonuses or crit bonus. Basically a weaker form of Intellect that only appears on weapons and trinkets, but is still good.


Since Intellect no longer increases our mana pools, or has any effect on our regen (or innervate), Spirit has become our primary regen stat. 1 point of spirit will grant you roughly 1.128 MP5 (~.56 MP5 in combat). With Meditation (which is baseline), you will gain 56.4 MP5 in combat for every 100 Spirit.

Take enough spirit, that’s basically all anyone can tell you. The amount of SPI you need will vary with your group makeup, the players, the encounters, your gear, along with many other things. When you feel comfortable with your regen, you can move on to other secondary stats.

From EJ: Over the course of a 3-minute period, you get to cast one extra Rejuv (9600 mana) for roughly every 480 Spirit added. Putting those 480 into Mastery instead would make all your heals 1% stronger.

Spirit is not the spell to stack past what you need to get through a fight.

Haste rating:

425 haste rating gives 1% spell haste. This reduces the cast time and GCD of all of our spells, to a minimum of 1 second GCD (there is no effect on Rejuvenation, which automatically has a 1 second GCD from talents). It also causes our HoT’s to tick faster and potentially gain extra ticks (see below for more on breakpoints). Aside from a few very significant breakpoints, haste is a weaker secondary stat since it doesn’t improve Rejuvenation at all, and increases mana consumption.


  • The first breakpoint we will want to try to reach if it is not too much trouble is 3043, for your first Rejuv and Tranquility tick.
  • One thing to note about the Tranquility breakpoint is that it only affects the HoT portion of Tranquility and you do not gain extra ticks of Tranquitly itself.
  • It may be appropriate to give up some Int if necessary to reach your breakpoints (by using haste gems or swapping an item).
  • In time, and gear permitting, we will likely aim for the second tick of Wild Growth attainable at 6652 haste.
  • If you are utilizing Soul of the Forest, you should aim for the 5730 when possible and eventually the 9543 (if possible in current gear) for additional Wild Growth ticks.

nTbb2.jpg PmjGZ.png

  • There is no rounding when it comes to haste and there hasn’t been for a long time now. You want to get as close to the number as possible if not right on it.
  • Credit to, Binkestein of,, and Hamlet for some of my research on Haste breakpoints.

Mastery rating:

480 mastery rating adds 1% to our Harmony bonus. This is essentially a flat bonus to all healing (albeit an additive bonus, so slightly weaker than it looks). Aside from haste breakpoints, mastery is the secondary stat giving the best throughput increase.

Critical strike rating:

600 crit rating gives 1% to crit. All healing effects are able to crit. Due in part to its greater itemization cost, crit adds slightly less throughput than mastery.

#2.1 Stat Priorities

In general: Intellect = Spirit* > Haste Cap > Mastery > Crit > Excess Spirit > Excess Haste

*Enough, nothing more

Things to know:

  • Once we’re comfortable with regen, we will be Int stacking again.
  • Haste breakpoints are still important.
  • For now when choosing secondary stats, take the highest ilvl/socket count, reforge the worst stat if needed.
  • Excess haste is worthless, don’t take it, it’s our worst stat.
  • Mastery vs Crit is explained below.

#2.2 Stat Pointers

Few Pointers:

Never, use cloth. 5% int is too much to waste. To begin raiding, make sure you have no cloth pieces.

Direct Healing:

If you are doing heavy tank healing and relying on LS procs, Crit may be better for you.

Raid Healing:

Haste between break points brings nothing. Mastery is better for raid healing.

#2.3 Crit Vs. Mastery in MoP

Between mastery and crit, mastery winds up being a slightly better throughput benefit. In theory you can stack mastery so high that it starts to fall behind crit, but that is unlikely to occur until extremely high gear levels – if at all this expansion. Crit may be stronger in certain limited situations; in particular, if you’re frequently spamming direct heals and hoping for high Living Seed procs (i.e. performing heavy tank healing).

#3 Enchants

#4 Gems

It should be noted that, unlike in past expansions, socket bonuses are generally quite strong. This means that, outside of extraordinary circumstances, you will want to match your sockets for desirable bonuses.

Red sockets:

Yellow sockets:

Blue sockets:

Meta sockets:

#5 Reforging

  • Spirit – Make sure you have enough Spirit to avoid going OOM.
  • Haste – With the 5% Haste raise buff, you have the 3043 or 6652 Haste breakpoints. Without the 5% Haste raise buff, you have the 5320 Haste breakpoint. Minimal excess haste over these numbers.
  • Mastery – All Crit and excess Spirit or Haste should be reforged into Mastery. Reforge out of Mastery if you need more Haste or Spirit.
  • Crit – Reforge out of Crit to one of the other three secondary stats based on the guidelines above unless heavy tank healing.

#6 Consumables

It’s important to notice that, unlike gems, secondary stats are equivalent to primary stats in these categories. If you need additional secondary stats in lieu of Intellect, first try to make the necessary changes with gems before relying on these temporary consumables.

#6.1 Food

It’s generally better to eat a feast if it’s available. But if you need haste for a cap or if your gear has a really low amount of spirit, you may opt for one of those food sources instead. Generally, the priority of food choices should be as follows:





Tangy Yogurt

    (200 Haste)

#6.2 Potions

In almost all cases, Potion of Focus should be the potion of choice. Try to coordinate with your fellow healers for a chance to drink up. The other potions should only be used in special cases.

#6.3 Flasks

#7. Talents

You can now change individual talents with the use of a single Dust of Disappearance (at level 85) or a Tome of the Clear Mind (level 86 or above), purchasable from Inscription vendors. This means, you could use a unique spec for every boss in a given raid without ever having to visit a trainer.

In fact, you should plan on changing talents regularly through the raid night.

There is no longer a cookie cutter talent tree.

For a given fight, there might be some “best options” for you to choose, but every single boss might have different “best options.” With a strong understanding of boss mechanics and class mechanics, you should have some freedom to be creative. I highly encourage creative uses of your talents to counter specific fight mechanics.

Tier 1 (Level 15)

This talent tier focuses on movement mechanics.

Feline Swiftness is always good, while Wild Charge may be good for fights where instant movement is better. Displacer won’t be very useful for us in PvE.

Tier 2 (Level 30)

All of the talents in this tree allow more healing utility.

NS is a 1min CD burst. Renewal is just weak in general, we have stronger self heals and it’s just a waste of a talent. Ward will probably end up wasted healing most of the time, only useful in special circumstances.

Tier 3 (Level 45)

All the CC’s! Use them! All Situational.

Change these per fight as needed.

Tier 4 (Level 60)

Healing CD’s

Soul is for burst AE for mass raid dmg and great for heavy tank dmg. Tree is still amazing as always being a healing and regen CD. Force has a bad AI and weak healing, which is why it lags behind.

Update: After lots of spreadhseet testing SotF seems to be underwhelming. Hamlet has seen a few things:

  • The only meaningful use of it is buffing WG, even if it buffs LB it’s still unimpressive
  • The timing is awkward in the first place, depending on your WG/SM cooldowns (for example, the standard 10 and 15)
  • You’re locking into using these spells together (or wasting the talent)–you’re imposing a constraint on yourself
  • Even in the most favorable situation (10s WG, 12s SM), if it beats Incarnation on paper, you’ve given up flexibility.
  • Incarnation is a talent that gives strong numbers and adds a lot of flexibility (it’s in the form of a powerful timer).

“For the cost of a constant added constraint in your head of what order to cast spells in, I think you’d need a much stronger benefit than SotF is giving.”

I have seen elsewhere druids having a better time with ToL, so for right now I agree unless someone has different numbers.

Tier 5 (Level 75)

CC – All Situational

Again, choose what is best per fight. Once I get solidly into raids I’ll update this with what’s best per fight.

Tier 6 (Level 90)

And even more CD’s!

  • Heart of the Wild - RecommendedOffers a static 6% increase to intellect and also offers the ability to enhance specific abilities outside of the resto specialization for 30 seconds. While the “enhanced” portion of the ability is debatable, the Intellect increase has the potential to be quite strong.
  • Dream of Cenarius - SituationalThe least attractive ability in this tier, Dream of Cenarius will increase your next healing spell (excluding tranquility) by 30 percent after casting wrath. Because of time required to cast wrath, the low healing boost to one ability, and the fact that this cannot effect tranquility, this ability is not a favorite for PvE.
  • Nature’s Vigil - RecommendedIncreases all damage and healing done by 20% for 30 seconds. It also permits your healing spells to do damage to nearby enemies for 25% of the healing done or 25% of your damage done will heal nearby enemies. This is a strong option due to the increased healing provided, which offers us an additional cooldown during high damage times. The other bonuses of the ability are largely tertiary – but may have times where the extra damage is beneficial to the raid.

#8 Glyphs

The way glyphs work and the types that are available have changed somewhat. The two glyph types are “Major” and “Minor.” The Major are the powerful glyphs that make spells stronger and/or change how they work. The Minor glyphs are mostly cosmetic changes that add fun twists to appearances or spells, but don’t provide combat bonuses.

Major Glyphs

LB, WG, RG, RJ, and RB are going to be the main glyphs to go to.


This glyph is ideal for fights that involve tank swapping mechanics or frequently changing your primary heal target.


Bringing your ally back to life at 100% health can be valuable. It provides some nice leeway for players who accidentally resurrect at inopportune times.


I won’t be personally using this. I have had far too many times where I used the RG hot to SM and save a life, personal preference will probably be the difference between this and RJ.

One thing to consider though: Crit is our worst stat. By using this glyph you can run as little crit as possible with pretty much no downside since RG is pretty much our most solid direct heal right now. Choose which set up is best for you.


If you use nourish as a filler this glyph is priceless. Going to depend on your character and playstyle. Spreadsheets seem to show that nourish now does next to nothing, and it’s almost no longer worth casting. Will need to see in raids.

Wild Growth

If you aren’t spec’ed into Soul of the Forest, you should always use this glyph for 25-man raiding; for some 10-man fights you may be too spread out to gain the benefit of an extra target; for 5-mans, you generally won’t gain much (if any) benefit from having an extra target so you might want to pass on this glyph. *Until you get the Tier 14 4-piece bonus, you should never use this glyph if you spec into Soul of the Forest for a heavy AoE fight. I highly recommend this glyph once you have the T14 4-piece.* Once you do have the tier bonus, this glyph can actually help bring the SM CD closer to the WG CD when coupled with the Healing Touch glyph.

Glyph of Stamp Roar is also good for certain situations.

Minor Glyphs

Cosmetic so won’t be covering them.

#9 Spells

Taken from EJ: Edited by me. Not going to fix what isn’t broken.

#9.1 Healing Spells

Healing Touch

Has the same cast time as Nourish, but is less efficient and much larger. A typical use is to top off a tank who needs a direct heal. It’s raid niche is weird right now. Nourish is basically worthless but RG can also fill that gap without much problem. Rejuv for an efficient large heal, and Regrowth for a fast large heal). It is a good option on Clearcasts, however, whenever you don’t need the fast heal from a Regrowth.

Combined with Nature’s Swiftness (now on a one minute coolodwn), it provides an emergency instant heal which is somewhat stronger than Swiftmend. You’ll usually use it with Swiftmend when you need two consecutive instant heals on someone.


You want to keep this rolling on a tank at virtually all times. It is a strong, cheap HoT, has a very fast tick rate to help stabilize the tank. It is also helps to enable Omen of Clarity procs, so that you enter a clearcasting state. Try to get used to the timing of refreshing this on the last tick without breaking your casting rhythm, both with Lifebloom itself and with Nourish/HT/RG. With the increased duration of Lifebloom, you should always have an opportunity to refresh it in your healing rotation. Always have a Lifebloom stack on one person, even if there’s no tank at the moment.


The Druid’s cheap heal. Right now Nourish has no niche and no real reason to be cast. Use LB to refresh LB, it’s cheaper and faster. Harmony is 20 seconds, between SM and CC procs it’s not really needed for that. HT is the much better option for both if you aren’t casting RG.


The Druid’s fast, inefficient direct heal. When people in the raid need immediate healing to avoid death, use this (also use Swiftmend if it’s available). Whenever a Clearcast procs, you can more liberally throw a Regrowth on anyone in the raid who isn’t topped off. With the [Glyph of Regrowth], Regrowth becomes a very powerful, fast, direct heal. Regrowth has another important use during Incarnation: Tree of Life, discussed below.


Though we have to manage our mana, and will not be able to sustain blanketing the raid, this spell is still central to our healing. It does very high amount of healing, is quite efficient, and it enables Swiftmend. Because it is a moderately expensive instant, it can burn your mana quickly if you start spamming it. But whenever you can cast a Rejuv that will not be mostly overheal, it is an excellent choice. In addition, you will often maintain Rejuvenation on a tank who’s taking any significant amount of damage. In general, your “filler” healing is a mix of Nourish and Rejuv, based on your mana. It is also worth noting that your rejuvenation will now also instantly heal for the equivalent of one tick upon being cast.


A strong instant heal on a short cooldown. Swiftmend now has efflorescence baked into it as one of the base effects of the ability, so in addition to the instant heal, you will also provide AE healing to those around the target. Additionally, if you are spec’d into Soul of the Forest, your Swiftmend will provide a haste boost to the next spell cast, and is very complimentary when used in concert with Wild Growth.

Swiftmend is one of our best spells. Always be vigilant for people at low HP on whom you might use this. It’s great for helping stabilize a tank anytime you see them sit low for more than a GCD, or making sure any raid member is safe while your HoT’s do their work. You can Swiftmend another Druid’s HoT’s, so you want your raid frames to show who’s Swiftmendable. Using Swiftmend on cooldown also helps to ensure high Harmory uptime.


This spell is very strong now, and outputs massive amounts of healing during its channeling time. Due to the new smart targeting mechanics, it’s basically self-working. Can easily save people from dying if you mash it quickly when the raid takes a lot of damage. You can now use it 2-3 times per fight, so depending on the encounter, you might use it reactively when the raid is at low HP, or you might plan its use around certain boss abilities. The spell is now immune to pushback, so you no longer have to protect it with Barkskin.

Wild Growth

This remains an excellent spell all-around. It will automatically target the 5/6 lowest-HP people within range (not necessarily including the target). Because the radius is now so high (30y), you can often just cast it on anybody and get a good result. Make sure to cast it anytime an AoE effect hits some people in the raid. In heavy damage situations you’ll use Wild Growth on cooldown. Even though it is expensive, it does more than enough healing to be worth it. Wild Growth is unusual in that in can be targeted on a hostile unit and will still apply to the lowest-HP raid members in range of that unit. Additionally, you will want to consider that if you opt for Soul of the Forest you can “prep” your Wild Growth to be more powerful by using the haste bonus from Soul of the Forest to add a nice healing boost. To do this, simply cast a Swiftmend and make sure that Wild Growth is the next spell that you cast. This will be very useful during times when the raid is experiencing heavy damage and needs to be topped up quickly.

Wild Mushroom: Bloom

You are able to place three mushrooms on the ground and then “bloom” them to heal all allies within 8 yards of the mushrooms. The mushrooms suffer from diminishing returns for everyone they hit beyond six people. Originally intended to help facilitate the burst AE healing gap in our toolkit, the version of Mushrooms that made it into Mists falls a little short. As such, you will need to determine when mushrooms will be a benefit to your healing, and when other options will be preferable.


Not a spell, but deserves an entry. Clearcasting lasts 15 seconds and can only apply to the expensive spells Regrowth and Healing Touch, so it’s difficult to waste. When Clearcasting procs, you simply have to make sure to cast either a Healing Touch or a Regrowth in the next few seconds. A Healing Touch should generally be your first thought–it is both longer cast and more healing than Regrowth, generally making more effective use of the Clearcast. The tank is a good target; and HT on him for a free heal and LB/Harmony refresh is never a bad option. If, however, people in the raid are in need of a quick heal, a Clearcast is a good chance to throw a Regrowth on them as well. Clearcasting has a 4% chance to proc.


Tree of Life: In addition to the 15% healing bonus, this has a few effects on our healing spells:

  • Lifebloom: now castable on any number of targets. This is handy since Lifebloom does moderate healing and is very cheap. In a fight where you don’t need Tree for other purposes, shifting to cast primarily Lifebloom for 30 seconds lets you use ToL as a very good mana cooldown.
  • Regrowth: now instant cast. Not a throughput gain since Regrowth is a 1.5 cast anyway, but this allows use while moving and also gives you much quicker reactive healing. Because of all the Lifeblooms you use during Tree of Life, you get a lot of Clearcasting procs from Malfurion’s Gift, and can turn each one into a free instant Regrowth. The Regrowths even refresh the Lifeblooms.If many people in the raid need healing quickly, shifting to cast instant Regrowths can help hit people who need the most healing immediately. Be careful though, as this can be expensive. Still use a good amount of Lifebloom when people aren’t in danger of death.
  • Wild Growth: now targets 2 extra people. Simply makes WG slightly better to use even than it ordinarily is.

As as final note, in my experience, I tend to use ToL form at fixed times each encounter (once I’ve seen the fight enough times to have a plan), rather than in much of a reactive way.

Soul of the Forest:

Similar to Clearcasting, this is not an ability, but also deserves an entry. If you opt to take the Soul of the Forest talent, you will have the ability to add 50% haste to your next every time you cast Swiftmend. The bonus is multiplicative and will result in a flat increase and a multiplier to your existing haste value. This can be very powerful when used smartly. The best way to utilize Soul of the Forest for maximum throughput will be as such:

  • No 4T14 – Line up SotF with Wild Growth every other Swiftmend. During the alternating Swiftmend, utilize Rejuvenation to consume the Soul of the Forest proc. Continue to make use of Wild Growth on Cooldown, ensuring that every other one is lined up to be used in concert with Swiftmend. You will want to utilize the Wild Growth glyph, regardless of raid size, for maximum output.
  • 4T14 – Once you obtain your four piece set bonus you will want to continue to utilize the Wild Growth glyph, but you will want to sync Wild Growth with Swiftmend every time it is cast. While this will result a small amount of downtime for Wild Growth, the benefit of syncing the two far outweighs the healing lost from the 3 second delay.

Living Seed:

While this is not an ability it is worthy of a note, as Living Seed is now baseline for all resto druids. Every time you critically heal a target with a direct heal, you will plant a Living Seed on them that will heal for 30% of the underlying heal when triggered. This seed will be triggered by the next physical attack that the target receives. While not particularly useful for raid healing due to the restriction on how it is triggered, Living Seed can add a nice buffer when tank healing. The down side to the current iteration of Living Seed is that you have little control over when it is planted and triggered, which can lead to Living Seeds that are partially or completely overheal, somewhat reducing the benefits of the spell. Swiftmed, Noursih, Healing Touch and Regrwoth can all plant a Living Seed.

#9.2 Utility Spells


Remember that this doesn’t use the GCD, so you can cast it almost anytime without disrupting your healing. It should be on an easily-accessible bind, and you should make it second nature to hit this instantly when you foresee a threatening amount of damage coming.


In general, you will cast this on yourself on cooldown. Use the first one in any encounter after you dip slightly below 80% mana, and then on cooldown after that. Innervate is extremely weak when cast on targets other than yourself, and this is rarely going to be worth doing.


Castable on a friendly target, it will reduce 20% of all incoming damage. It has a two minute cooldown, and should be coordinated with the other healers on your healing team and treated as a tanking/raid cooldown.

Might of Ursoc

This spell is a good defensive CD, either for when you know you’re about to take a lot of damage or after you just took a lot of damage and your health is very low.

Nature’s Cure

On an 8 second cooldown, this will remove poison, magic and curses. It will be important to prioritize cleanses in order to make sure the most imported debuffs and/or the most important people are cleansed first. It will likely also be important to work with your healing team to organize cleanses on any encounter where the need to cleanse multiple people exists.


This will allow for an in combat resurrection of an ally. The most important issue is to avoid wasting it, especially now that the raid can only use a limited number per attempt (3 in 25-man, 1 in 10-man). First, make sure to coordinate with other Druids/DK’s/Warlocks in your raid using macros or Vent so two of you don’t cast on the same target. Second, people love to accept the resurrection as soon as it appears and die to something immediately. It can be good to warn them if it’s a bad time to accept.


More below

Remove Corruption

Other utility spells:

#9.3 Passive Spells/Abilites

I’m including these purely for the sake of being thorough. It’s handy to know you have them.

#10 Mechanics

Adding more as needed

#10.1 Mastery: Harmony

Your direct healing is increased by an additional 10% and casting your direct healing spells grants you an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 20 sec. Although any direct heal and Wild Mushroom: Bloom can proc Harmony, the 20 second duration of the buff allows consistent use of Swiftmend (and Omen of Clarity procs) to maintain 100% uptime, making our mastery essentially passive.

How it works:

  • Harmony doesn’t update a hot as it’s ticking. If you cast Rejuv and get Harmony a few ticks in, it doesn’t update it.
  • If you cast a hot and midway through you gain Harmony, it doesn’t update it.
  • Lifebloom: Harmony effects all the stacks based on the last one cast. If harmony is only active on the last LB stack, it effects them all. If harmony is on the 1st 2 and not the 3rd, LB doesn’t get the effect.
  • Harmony will effect the RG hot if that RG is a new or refreshed Harmony.
  • Harmony will effect a HoT you cast directly after a direct heal, it won’t lag.
  • If harmony falls off during Tranq, the ticks after it won’t have the buff.

#10.2 Symbiosis

Creates a symbiotic link which grants the Druid one ability belonging to the target’s class, varying by the Druid’s specialization. Also grants the target one Druid ability based on their class and combat role. Lasts 1 hour and persists through death. Cannot be cast on other Druids. Effect cancelled if Druid and target become too far apart.

Your Symbiosis target might very well change on a fight-to-fight basis.

What you get from Symbiosis based on your target:

What your target gets, based on their spec:

Some common targets for Resto Druids will probably be Brewmaster Monks, Blood Death Knights, and Shadow Priests.

#11. Healing Strategies

No matter what you are doing, raid or heroics or regulars, raid healers or tank healers, keep LB on the tank. If by letting it bloom, the heal will not go to overheal, let it bloom. If you are properly geared LB wont even make a dent in your mana before it regens back up. In intense healing situations, most of the time its not worth letting bloom because you will need those 3 GCDs.

#11.1 Healing Dungeons

Don’t heal what you don’t have to. If your rogue gets hit by something random once, WG or Rejuv will be enough, no need to spam HT/RG on him. Don’t waste mana.

You aren’t going to have everyone at 100% all the time. Especially in heroics, 99% of the boss fights most damage is avoidable. If you are playing with people who struggle with mechanics, yes, you will have mana problems, and people will die. If someone stands in something, explain to them you don’t have the mana to heal through ignoring mechanics.

  • Nourish is no longer a useful filler unless the tank is literally sitting right at 100% most of the time and you have nothing else to do.
  • Use WG. Use SM every CD. It’s also a very cheap spell. It’s good even if it’s just on the tank.
  • Don’t be afraid of tree. If there is an aura mechanic pop ToL, LB everyone once and start going back through the line to stack to 3 and refresh. When CC pops, throw an instant RG on whoever needs it.
  • Along with that, do not be afraid of Tranq. It’s a very good spell, use it.
  • MoP heroics are pretty faceroll even with the lowest gear you are able to enter in. If your tank chain pulls or your group is bad just pop your CDs and drink between pulls.
  • Don’t worry about Wild Mushrooms in a dungeon environment. If you’re able to work it in on a dungeon boss and get some extra healing, good for you, but as of right now this spell is relatively week, and dungeons tend to have a lot of movement.

#11.2 Healing Raids

Prioritize whatever your assigned healing role is and be aware of your mana, but assist with other healing assignments when you can.

  • Pre-hot: If you know a big ability is coming be ready with Rejuvs already out and WG and Efllo preparing to be used.
  • Use Wg on CD: unless it’s only going to overheal. If 2 players need the heal, it’s worth casting WG is smartcast, as a class dependent on HoT’s we want to heal proactively, not react to it.
  • Rely on your hots: We can direct heal now, but our HoTs are still where we shine. Direct heal if you need to, but still focus on your HoTs.
  • Keep LB on a tank at ALL times. No reason not too, It’s cheap, it procs CC, it heals for a ton.
  • Use Incarnation: ToL when needed (but always use it 1-2 times per fight).
  • Use Tranq: It’s amazing, know strats and the best time to use it (as in save it for half and a badly timed knockdown in P2)
  • Know when to use Efflo. Yes, it’s great on one target now, but it’s better on multiple.
  • Use Innervate any time you dip to 75% mana.
  • If you know your raid will be stacking in a set location, try to pre-plant Shrooms in that spot while you have some down time from healing.

Tank healing: Depending on your gear this will change a lot. Nourish is basically a waste of a casttime now. Fill with HT, burst with RG, NS/HT, and SM. Remember Ironbark!

#12 Professions

Most professions provide the same benefit to a raiding Resto Druid: 320 Intellect or 640 of some secondary stat. The exceptions are Leatherworking and Tailoring.

  • Alchemy: Mixology- Additional 320 Intellect
  • Blacksmithing: Glove and Wrist Sockets – Additional 2 gems, up to 320 Intellect or 640 of a secondary stat
  • Enchanting: Ring Enchants – Additional 320 Intellect, 160 per ring
  • Engineering: Glove Use Effect (1920 Intellect for 10 seconds every 60 seconds; 320 Intellect when averaged as a “static” buff) – Additional 320 Intellect
  • Inscription: Shoulder Enchant (Additional 320 Intellect)
  • Leatherworking: Bracer Enchant – Additional 330 Intellect over Bracer – Super Intellect; I’ll let you decide if it’s worth the time/gold investment for the extra 10 Intellect)
  • Jewelcrafting: Gems (Additional 320 Intellect, you may now only use 2 JC gems instead of 3)
  • Tailoring: Cloak Spirit Embroidery* (Assuming 50 second ICD from history, 3000 Spirit for 15 seconds every ~60 seconds; 750 Spirit when averaged as a “static” buff)
  • Tailoring: Cloak Intellect Embroidery* (2000 Intellect for 15 seconds every ~60 seconds; 500 Intellect when averaged as a “static” buff) – Additional 320 Intellect over Cloak – Superior Intellect

* You can only have one of the two tailoring enchants at a time.

#13. UI

Your UI is completely up to you and what you like. The only thing I can fully talk about unbiasedly is how it should be set up.

You need as much of your middle screen clear as possible. Don’t put your bars in the middle, don’t have your map in the middle, keep it clear.

Put your healing bars(grid, healbot, vuhdo) in the middle lower screen. I can not stress enough how bad it is to place it anywhere else. When you have your bars there is clears up the middle of your screen so you can see what’s on the ground, in the air, left and right of you, and where people are at. As humans we have limited peripheral vision especially when we are focused on something. If your bars are lower mid screen, you will still be able to easily see everything going on around you.

#13.1 Macros

Now that we will be more frequently changing single talents, it makes sense to have the talents from a given tier bound to the same key. I recommend making a macro that incorporates all the abilities from a single tier so you don’t need to constantly mess with your bars/bindings.

Tier 2:

/cast Renewal

/cast Cenarion Ward

/cast Nature’s Swiftness

/cast Healing Touch

Tier 3:

/cast Typhoon

/cast Mass Entanglement

/cast Faerie Swarm

Tier 5:

/cast Mighty Bash

/cast Ursol’s Vortex

/cast Disorienting Roar

Instant Healing Touch:

/showtooltip Nature’s Swiftness


/cast Nature’s Swiftness

/cast [target=mouseover] Healing Touch

(Take out mouseover if you use a click addon)

Rebirth in combat, revive out of combat:


/cast [nocombat] Revive

/stopmacro [nocombat]

/cast Rebirth

/ra Rebirth on %t

Clique Mouseover Version:

/cast [target=mouseover,help,dead,combat] Rebirth; [target=mouseover,help,dead,nocombat] Revive; [target=mouseover,help,nodead] Regrowth

Auto Proc Trinkets on CD:

/script UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent(“UI_ERROR_MESSAGE”);

/console Sound_EnableSFX 0

/use [combat] 14

/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

/script UIErrorsFrame:RegisterEvent(“UI_ERROR_MESSAGE”);

“max protection”:

#showtooltip Barkskin

/cast Barkskin

/cast Nature’s Grasp

/cast might of ursoc

Manually Proc Both Trinkets:

/use 13

/use 14

Mouseover Macros:

Some people like to use Mouseover macros instead. Unlike keybinds, this is still only 1 step instead of two, the same way clicking is in vuhdo, grig+clique, or healbot. Thanks to Tempro. It’s all up to preference.

#13.2 Addons

Use a healing addon.

  • Vuhdo* is the best. It will increase your reaction time, and its convenience will allow you more focus for other mechanics. They are all pretty much the same. I’m not going to go into this largely, but from a lot of people testing all 3 on many different factors many agree(for right now at least) Vuhdo is superior, though not by a lot.
  • Grid is second.
  • Healbot is last. This is based on functionality, latency, resource usage, and customization.

* If you’re new to Vuhdo, here is a YouTube playlist with three very useful tutorial videos. Even if you’re not new to this addon, you still may learn something.

Use something that shows your CDs and when they will be up.

I use Cooline, PowerAura, and omniCC.

Other addons I use that aren’t just cosmetic:

  • Addon Control Panel: Can turn addons on and off from ingame.
  • Bigwigs. I find this better than DBM, but up to you.
  • Gnosis: I used to use Quartz but I found this to be better in general, and much more customizable.
  • Bartender
  • Bigbrother-Priceless if you raid lead
  • Elkano’s Buff bars-Best debuff, buff, and target debuff/buff bars I have ever used.
  • Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text- Get that shit out of the middle of your screen. You still want to see it, just not all over the place. Best battle text addon I’ve found.
  • Shadowed Unit Frames: Recently switched to these and I like them a lot better than pitbull.
  • TidyPlates-Amazing

#14 Spreadsheets

Not sure what’s staying updated and what’s not. Will update as I find out.

TreeCalcs: This is a spreadsheet made by the resto druid guide writer for EJ.

Simple Version:

Advanced version:

Tange’s Spreadsheet: Another great speadsheet. Different info, different outcomes. Both you should test and see outcomes.

#15 gear

I will go back over this later and make sure everything is accurate.

Tumsy has compiled a pre-raid set of gear that makes the 6652 Haste breakpoint very accessible once gemmed, enchanted, and reforged. It should provide plenty of Spirit. If you are having mana problems using this gear, you probably need to reassess your healing efficiency. Keep in mind, you’re a new level 90 now so you’re not supposed to be able to spam endlessly like you could in DS gear at level 85. See what you can do to conserve mana before deciding matter-of-factly that you simply need more Spirit.

Here is the set dropped into the WoWHead Profiler. It currently does not support the MoP version of gems.

Total stats

  • 10025 Intellect
  • 6964 Spirit
  • 6669 Haste
  • 1104 Mastery
  • 979 Crit

Keep in mind, head enchants and relics have been removed.

Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing provide the most long-term gearing flexibility due to the nature of their gem/socket bonuses making it easy to pick up extra Haste or Spirit instead of Intellect. For the hardcore willing to actually change professions for a single piece of gear good for one tier, this Engineering helm is pre-raid BiS:

Camouflage Retinal ArmorNext Valor Point Priorities

#15.1 Tier Gear

T14 2 Piece Bonus: The 2T14 will be quite attractive as we enter the first tier of raiding, due to the reduced mana cost of Rejuvenation (10%). Use it as soon as you can get it.

T14 4 Piece Bonus: The 4T14 is also quite good largely due to the fact that the decreased cooldown on Swiftmend will make Soul of the Forest more powerful.

#15.2 Trinkets

Based off EJ data

[Spirits of the Sun]

ilvl: 483/496/509

Avg Spi: 1166/1316/1485

Avg Int: 1021/1152/1300

MP5: 652.90/736.85/831.57

Location: Tsulong – Terrace of Endless Spring

15% proc chance, 105 sec ICD (confirmed)

[Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal]

ilvl: 476/489/502

Avg Spi: 956/1079/1218

Avg Int: 1274/1450/1624

MP5: 535.36/604.24/682.08

Location: Mogu’shan Vaults Zone Drop

15% proc chance, 45 sec ICD (confirmed)

[Jade Courtesan Figurine]

ilvl: 476/489/502

Avg Spi: ?/?/705

Avg Int: 956/1079/1218

MP5: ?/?/395.08

Location: tbd

click to use, 15 sec. active time, 60 sec. CD

[Scroll of Revered Ancestors]

ilvl: 489

Avg Spi: 705

Avg Int: 1079

MP5: 395.08

Location: Valor Points: Shado-Pan Revered

click to use, 15 sec. active time, 60 sec. CD

[Relic of Chi Ji]

ilvl: 476

Avg Spi: 1345

Avg Int: 1157

MP5: 753.39

Location: Darkmoon Card: Crane Deck

15% chance to proc, 45 sec ICD (confirm)

[Thousand-Year Pickled Egg]

ilvl: 470

Avg Spi: N/A

Avg Int: 904

MP5: N/A

Location: Coren Direbrew/Brewfest

Haste Proc 5082, can only be obtained during Brewfest

[Vial of Ichorous Blood]

ilvl: 463

Avg Spi: 707

Avg Int: 847

MP5: 395.83

Location: General Pa’valak – Siege of Niuzao Temple

click to use, 2 min cooldown

[Price of Progress]

ilvl: 463

Avg Spi: N/A

Avg Int: 847

MP5: tbd

Location: Darkmaster Gandling – Scholomance

Healing Spells have a chance to grant 5082 (+100% of spell power) mana.

[Empty Fruit Barrel]

ilvl: 463

Avg Spi: 847

Avg Int: 1129

MP5: 474.32

Location: Ook-Ook – Stormstout Brewery

proc rate 15%, 30 sec. ICD (confirmed via beta logs)

[Zen Alchemist Stone]

ilvl: 450

Avg Spi: 300 (after reforging mastery)

Avg Int: 1140

MP5: 168 + Alchemy Bonus

Location: Crafted – Alchemist Only

+18,000 mana with Potion of Focus, +12,000 mana with Master Mana Potion, 60 sec. ICD (?)

Note: I did not add any crit trinkets to this list, with the assumption that we will favor trinkets with some form of mana return in this first tier. The only exception is the Direbrew trinket, as it may be an easy “gimme” starter trinket.

#15.3 Pre-Raid and Raid Gear Lists

WTSHeals has compiled a nice list of gear, it includes pre-raid gear and raid gear.

#16. FAQs/Links

EJs Resto Druid Guide:

Blogs: I wont be adding blogs. A lot of time they end up being filled with opinion and filled with advice about content the players haven’t even seen yet. Search around, there are a lot of good ones, ok ones, and bad ones out there. In general, looking at discussions at places like EJ will end up giving you the most accurate advice.*

Other Guides: Outside of EJ and Blog posts(which some have really in depth theorycrafting which can’t really fit on forum guides so they’re worth the look) they’re all pretty bad and/or redundant. I’ve tried to take everything that is accurate and put it into one place. Want more theorycrafting, read Hamlets EJ guide and the discussions that go on after it. Same for this thread.

#17. Version History


  • Posted


  • Updated for 4.0.6


  • Updated for 4.1


  • Updated for 4.2


  • Updated for 4.3


  • Cleaned some things up, added more about Harmony and MG vs Furor


  • Updated for MoP


  • Symbiosis tank changes

Insane in the Membrane Guide

I got my Insane achievement 2/8/12. Insane, while still a pretty significant grind, is much easier than before.

General Info

What’s Required

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers (Honored)
  • Everlook (Exalted)
  • Ratchet (Exalted)
  • Ravenholdt (Exalted)
  • Booty Bay (Exalted)
  • Gadgetzan (Exalted)
  • Darkmoon Faire (Exalted)

How it’s easier in Cata

  •  Shen’dralar is no longer required and nothing was added to replace it
  • Darkmoon Faire now gives a ton of rep, you no longer have to farm/drop a lot of gold on card decks

How it’s Harder

  • Goblins in Booty Bay are 85 now. It is almost impossible to solo, or even 2 man farm bruisers.
  • Pirate mobs/mobs that give Gob Town rep have been reduced a lot in all zones. This makes farming these to exalted take way longer.
  • Mobs for Ravenholdt rep up to honored were taken out of Hillsbrad and are now only in Arathi. This makes that grind 100x harder.
  • Repeatable quests for Gobs are gone. The Gadget, Feralas, and DM quests are no longer repeatable.

What Stayed the Same and General Info

  • You do not need to be Exalted with the Gob factions and honored with Bloodsail at the same time. Once you get that part of the achievement, you don’t need to keep it.
  • Bruisers still give rep, but as said, you need a group to kill them and it’s a lot slower now.
  • You can still farm Ravenholdt to honored then start lockboxes, as said, just takes way longer.
  • The cloth turn ins for Gob rep are still available.
  • Need to check you got a part of it? use /script _=GetAchievementLink(2336);print(‘Shift click to link:’, _)

How to Get It


Darkmoon is the starting place. This rep doesn’t interact with any other and is something you need to work on monthly. Not having to grind herbs or have this as your gold sink is really nice and makes this rep 1000x easier. 

Do every daily quest everyday

  • There are 5 dailies, all give 250 rep each.
  • The Faire is 7 days, but if you do dailies before the server restarts you can do them 8 times.
  • You get 1250 rep a day from these. You either get 8750 or 10000 rep a month.

Profession Quests

  • Get your Fishing, Cooking, Arch, First Aid and 2 Professions high enough to pick up the monthly quests.
  • Each gives 250 rep a month. 1500 for all 6 of them a month.
  • You need to be at skill level 75 to pick these up.

Item Quests

(Thanks to the guy on WoWhead that found all the bosses they drop off of)

  • Each Item gives 250 rep, 2250 a month if you do them all.
  • There are 9 in total
  • They can all be bought off the AH.
  • They drop in Raids, BGs, and 5 mans.
  • To get these you need the  Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide by turing in the DMF quest or talking to Selina Dourman

PvP Quests:

Picked up by looting/stealing the insignia off players in BGs

Raid Quest:

Soothsayer’s Runes is only picked up off specific raid bosses

5 Man Quests:

Based off your level

Imbued Crystal

Monstrous Egg

Mysterious Grimoire

A Treatise on Strategy

This equals 13750 rep a month as a non-human.


This rep consists of 2 parts:

  • Grinding mods to Honored
  • Grinding Lockboxes to Exalted

Mob Grind

  • You have to grind Syndicate mobs until  11999/12000 honored.
  • They give 5 rep a kill.
  • Stromgarde Keep in Arathi Highlands(20, 62) is the place you want to be grinding.
  • If you run out of mobs, move to Northfold Manor (26, 29) in Arathi Highlands.
  • 3rd place: Strahnbrad (58, 24) in Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • Moving through these 3 areas will probably net you the most rep if you’re waiting on spawns.

For stealth mobs use:

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/run SetRaidTarget(“target”, 8);
/cast Attack

Attack=whatever your instant is.

Lockbox Grind

  • Need a level 60+ rogue.
  • Winstone Wolfe at the Ravenholdt manor gives the quest. You only need to quest when you turn them in. Your rogue doesn’t need it.
  • 5 boxes for 1 turn in of 75 rep.
  • The knife reward is no longer unique

Use this mouseover macro:

/cast [@mouseover] Pick Pocket
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“mouseover”,1)

For your Rogue:

  • Take talents that increase movement speed in and out of stealth. Increase stealth detection, reduce the time on vanish, things like that. It makes it a lot easier.
  • Use Glyph of Pick Pocket
  • Make sure you have the biggest bags you can get and only leave your hearth in it.
  • If you have a bridal or Wall-E, it helps a lot. If not, make your hearth as close to LBRS as possible that has a mailbox. Fastest flying you can get is a big plus.
  • Sprint on CD.
  • Don’t kill anything, just PP it. Their pockets respawn.

Where To Go and How:

LBRS is by far the best area to pickpocket from.

Start going towards LBRS: The right, not the left(UBRS)

Jump down and go to the left

Get to the Ogre area. Go through it, pick pocket everyone, then go back out.

From Exiting, head to the left and go around.

Just continue on. It’s a linear instance from there. When you get to this point you want to jump back down to the Ogres. PP that area again and rinse and repeat. If you do it this way the boxes should respawn by the time you get back down.

If these weren’t enough feel free to keep going. After you clear the last room with the last boss you can jump back down to this area, and back down to the original Ogres. Never waste your time by going back to the beginning of the instance. Always retart at the 1st Ogre hallway.

This is a really long and tedious grind. If you have a friend that can help you farm some boxes that’s great. You can try and shout and say you’ll pay for some, may not get any interest though unless you have a lot of gold to blow.


Here is the time to decide what to do next.

  • When you do Bloodsail, you lose all your Gob rep. No way to avoid it.
  • When you hit honored with them, Gods hate you. If you enter a town they attack. You will eventually have to re-farm at least some of that rep if you want to enter towns.
  • You have to decide what will be fastest for you. if you already have a ton of Gob rep it may be faster to finish those, get Bloodsail, and reget some of that rep back enough to enter towns.
  • If you want the 50 rep achievement having those 4 is helpful. You only need honored for Bloodsail, so it will probably be better to do Bloodsail 1st. That way when you regrind you’ll get to keep all 4 of those exalted and not have 4 low reps/have to refarm just to enter towns.

I’m going to write this from a Bloodsail view 1st, since that’s what I recommend to most people unless they are really…really close on all 4 gob reps.

There are 2 ways to do this rep. One makes it a lot easier, still a grind, but a lot easier. The other way you will need a full group to kill BB bruisers for a very long time. Lets hope you can do the 1st.

Way 1: Using the Phases

(thanks to posters on WoWhead for putting all the quests in one place)

Step 1: Complete the following quests from “Sea Wolf” MacKinley

 Scaring Shaky


Next, talk to First Mate Crazz and get  The Bloodsail Buccaneers

After you’ve gotten “in” with the bloodsail buccaneers (via buff, not rep) do all of the quests on the boats until you get  Attracting Attention Complete this quest and you’ll become the “fleet master” of the Crimson Veil.

Once you’ve completed that chain, head over to the boat (Crimson Veil) , go to the captain’s chambers, and check out the charts to get  The Brashtide Crew

Do this quest chain until you get to  Doublerum

BB is phased and the guards are 35, making this grind much faster and much easier. Another plus is the pirates in this phase respawn fast, you can start grinding back your Gob rep there.

Way 2: Killing 85 Guards…poor you

Grab a group, go to BB, kill Bruisers. That’s it. The areas you used to be able to hide and the ‘safe zones’ are no longer there. You can’t solo it, even in good tank gear, and duoing it will take forever. The grind really is going to take probably longer than all the other parts together unless you get a group. Sadly, it’s the only way if you don’t have the phase. =/

Steamwheedle Reps

I looked around a lot at how people did their Gob reps. I did mine a very long time ago, but this seems to be the general consensus.

Cloth Turn Ins

Each rep has a cloth turn in quest to Neutral:

Do Everlook, Ratchet, then Booty Bay/ Gadgetzan for max spillover rep from the other turn ins.


This will be up to you. Remember, each pirate gives more rep for the area they are killed in, but still some for the rest. You don’t want to farm 1 spot the whole time. This is how someone on WoWhead did theirs, and it’s one of the best orders to do it in:

Farm at Caverns of Time in Tanaris until you’re at 11,999/12,000 with Gadgetzan. After this grind he was at:

Ratchet – 9549/12,000
Everlook – 8178/21,000
Booty Bay- 4231/12,000
Gadgetzan – 11999/12,000

Next go to the two ships that are close to each other near Booty Bay. Kill the named NPC’s that give around 27 or 28 rep with Booty Bay and 17 to the others until you’re at 11,999 with Booty Bay. The mobs on one ship should respawn while you’re on the other ship, just keep going back and forth. After this grind he was at:

Ratchet – 2557/21,000
Everlook – 12,930/21,000
Booty Bay – 11,999/12,000
Gadgetzan – 4751/21,000

After this. you have a few options:

Do all the rep quests for Everlook, Gadge, Ratchet, and Booty Bay 1st.

  • If you did Bloodsail 1st and had not done the BB quests you should still be in that phase. Farm those pirates.
  • If you did Bloodsail 1st and already finished that quest, or those quests are finished anyway you’re going to have to farm in Tanaris.
  • If you haven’t done Bloodsail yet and you haven’t done BB quests or at least still have the phase qst, farm there, don’t turn it in. You will farm those Bruisers when you’re finished.

Whichever you have to do, do this until all the reps are exalted.

That’s it. Once you have all 4 of those pieces done you have your title. It’s a very…very long grind if you are starting from scratch. GL.

Mastery: Harmony

I recently updated my guide on MMOC about Harmony, since it seems to be such a popular topic right now.  Adding it to here since it seems to be what I’m asked about the most.

Your direct healing is increased by an additional 10% and casting your direct healing spells grants you an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 sec. Each point of Mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%.

Our new mastery give us a basic 10% on all direct healing. This was needed because, well, our direct healing did less than everyone else. While this is a nice change, we aren’t turning into direct healing heroes. But, those of you who sat around sitting on your hands in downtimes(you shouldn’t have been anyway) nourish will do better.

Harmony increases direct healing by an additional 10%, and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds. Each point of mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are considered direct healing spells for the purposes of this Mastery. All other healing from druid spells is considered periodic.

SM should already be used on CD. That will give a 5 second gap for mastery uptime. That means every 15 seconds, you want to cast a direct heal to keep it procced. With the amount it’s doing on ptr right now, I see no reason people need to actively try and keep it at 100%. If you use SM on CD and always use nourish to refresh LBs, it will be at 100% anyway. But, again, the 5 second downtime I don’t see as a huge issue. We’ll just have to see.

How it works:

  • Harmony doesn’t update a hot as it’s ticking. If you cast RJ and get harmony a few ticks in, it doesn’t update it.
  • If you cast a hot and midway through you gain harmony, it doesn’t update it.
  • LB: harmony effects all the stacks based on the last one cast. Aka, if harmony is only active on the last LB stack, it effects them all. If harmony is on the 1st 2 and not the 3rd, LB doesn’t get the effect.
  • Harmony will effect the RG hot if that RG is a new or refreshed Harmony.
  • Harmony will effect a hot you cast directly after a direct heal, it won’t lag.
  • If harmony falls off during Tranq, the ticks after it won’t have the buff.

Cata: What happened and what needs to change for MoP

What went wrong?

To start with we need to look at the high points and downpoints of druids in Cata.

Lack of CDs- tank and raid: The importance of CDs depended on what progression you were doing, but no class should be sat due to a lack of them. We were sat multiple times even with amazing tranquility. We obviously need something more(aka. a tank CD)

Weak single target:  We could tank heal if necessary, but compared to almost all other healing specs we were too weak to really be used in that place. Our single target relies too much on other factors when considering mastery, nourish, and even RG. If we play perfectly and have the perfect set-up, we can keep up. But, that shouldn’t be how it works. Short version: compared to everyone else our single target is almost broken.

Multiple target/aoe healing: For the most part, on fights that didn’t need CDs, and even those that do for lower progression guilds or farm content, our aoe healing saved us. We obviously couldn’t blanket RJ through some of the expac, but WG was good, we had tranq, and ToL was good. But, Wg got nurfed and we dropped like a rock in value when others AoE was buffed.

High Points and Low Points: When mana wasn’t a problem or the fight favored spread multiple target healing, we shined. When a lot of single target healing or CDs were needed, we lacked. We went through times we were great, we went through times we were sat. Shamans and druids went through the same thing just a different times. This isn’t balance, it’s lazy and broken.

What We Need to Survive?

Class balance is a the make or break for all of us. It doesn’t matter if all our spells work great, if all the other specs are better or worse it makes those spells better or worse. I can’t cover every single change for every class, but we know what in general we need.

  • CDs, tank and raid
  • Good single target, good aoe
  • Synergy between spells
  • Something for every situation

We are the only spec right now that has a very strict niche, and it’s unacceptable.

It’s way too early to sit and ponder how our class will live up to other classes. I’ll go through all our new spells and abilities in another post. In general, we have no idea what exact boss mechanics will be throughout the expansion, and either does Blizz. They need to make classes that have something for everything, or collaborate with the people working on boss encounters and make sure each class brings what they need.

Not all classes need to be the same, but each class needs to be able to bring something to each fight. If we have weak CDs, we need to do enough healing to make up for it. If we are the strongest AoE class, the fight shouldn’t favor only that so you bring 4 resto druids. There needs to be some type of synergy between the class niches and boss mechanics or we will constantly be running into the same problems. Either equalize classes, or equalize encounters. There hasn’t been 1 tier since this game has been out that has been properly balanced, so I won’t get my hopes up.

Baddie of the Week!

Profeus baddie mage,

If you die from guards 10 times, while only killing the level 50s you’re trying to gank 2 times, it may be time to take a step away from the game. I know the shaman that killed you in 2 seconds was embarrassing, but normally ganking ends up pretty embarrassing anyway.

I want to rename my blog ‘People are Bad’. And yes, posting about every stupid cunt that is laughably bad at this game is my new thing. If you are bad and an asshole on BH, you will probably be featured at some point!

So, Congrats Profeus on being baddie of the week!

So, I’m back

I’ve decided to start blogging again. On MMO-C I don’t feel I get the freedom I get on my blog. I’ve decided not to link to it from my sig or profile or anything since as a Super Mod…I need to be held to a higher standard. But, if people find it it’s due to looking up resto druids, so, not a big deal.

I had a lot of followers, a lot of regular readers, and a lot of people message me when I locked my blog. I’m hoping with my more chill look at WoW and life in general I’ll enjoy blogging again. Oh yeah, and I’ll probably start posting a lot of OT shit. Don’t like it, don’t read.